I'm Melting...

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Joan of Arcadia is cancelled. No more third season. I'm going to die. This is horrible and sinnly. All year long, I've been able to endure the pain and suffering of five days of school a week because I know that on Friday night I can watch Joan. Not anymore. IN OTHER NEWS:
I'm in loveeeee. This is ridiculously stupid. I collect crushes like other people collect marbles, only thiers don't roll away. Anyhoo, I was walking to the park yesterday (looking absolutely fabulous, I might add) when this guy rolls by on a skateboard (long board). I got shivers just looking at him, which is ridiculous, becuase I don't really get crushes on guys, but I'll live. It was probably becuase he reminded me of Adam, who I was actually in love with (not a crush), until we went to different schools, at which point I cried a lot and never really got over it. That's all though. THis may be my ditzy-est post yet. It is pretty scary how ditzy I'm being.
Over and out.