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godamn i am soooo fucked up right now, for all you kiddies
looking at my thread right now, whoops. i am no way shape or
form glamorizing alcohal or drugs or anytrhing like that ..
but i sure am fucked right now.
and all the damons seem to come out and play when i am this way...
god my head is spinning round and round..
why do i keep on playing the same old record over and over in my head?
will god just finally take my soul to eteranl life?
i went out and acted a foool once again.
i keep on racing these fucktards that i know i can eat up alive.
i have no points left on my liscence. i am acting a fool.

why do i use people and why do i feel as if i need to be the
center of attention all the time?
why do i have to have power over woman when i no longer even
have any type of genuine feelings for them?
why do i need hurt the ones i love?
why do i manipulate people?
what is behind my power hungry ego-boosting
bullshit that i need to have and seduce every girl i see?
even my best friends girl?
why do i hit on straight guys and think it is soo funny when they
feel uncomfortable?
why do i hit on anything that breaths?
am i soooo evil?
is it sooo wrong that i think soo highly of myself and that
i walk around like i own the place?
and if anyone disagrees i want to rip their fucking head off?
why do i have to have every girl i see?
why do i have to have sex with every fine guy i see?
why am i soo fucked up , confused , lost and ..hungry all the time?
why am i such a dickhead?
why am i soo aggressive and such a neanderthol?
why do i want to kill my parents?
why do i want to fuck my best friends girlfriend?
why do is it such a hassle for me to talk to customers at my work?
why do i feel the need to be above everyone?
why do i want to strangle the person after i have sex with them?
why do i attract stupid dumb bitchs that put up with my abuse
and fall head over heels for me when i could care less about them?
why do i want to die everyday of my life?
why do i want to run away and start somewhere else new?
why do i use , manipulate , hurt , seduce people that i care about?
why am i soo fucked up?
i just want to be loved and appretiated but all i can do is hate and
hurt people... if i am soo
bad then why do people want to be my friend and have to do anything with me?
why do people even care?
i don't wanna be fixed, i don't need no free hand outs , pity or
anything of that sorts...
shit i think i am gonna puke...
i gotta go to the track tommorow..shit no helmet! fuck!