Leaving soon

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Well the small notebook computer will be going with me
I am not going to have much of a chance to use it.
Danny is leaving for Texas tomorrow and on the 16th
the rest of us will fly out to meet him. When we get
back I am going to Tennessee with Danny. I already
decide to finish out college there. I am taking
the tour as a this is are last tour and a lot of
us got a little sad it seems like everything is ending
My relationships with people long time friends has ended and
I have nothing left to keep me here. I am running again
but I have no reason to stay. I guess in the end the
trip is a good thing I get a week off of work. Then
I transfer to Clarksville. I have to get away and
right know it seems like that might be the best place
to go. I am trying to get away from the negitive
stuff that is tending to drag me back to the 15
year old Sylvia watching the blood pool to the surface
of her arm in the bathroom with the razorblade in her
other hand. This isn't someone I want to be and so I
am going to run away before I end up that person again.