me and sleeping...don't get along

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it's annoying you know? lying in bed for 3 hours tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable so that you can finally fall asleep but it never works! it's really annoying. i don't know. i had nothing better to do right now other then post this because i can't sleep anywayz. but whatever, if i do end up falling asleep i won't be waking up till 1 at least. i feel sry for my mom. she's gonna have to take care of the kids all by herself in the morning. not like she hasn't been for the last few days cause i've been sleeping really late then too. but whatever. ok, well i think i'm gonna go and try to fall asleep again. hopefully i can fall asleep before the sun comes up...


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sometimes i try to write before i go to sleep. the writing often makes me tired after a while. like you could just write some peotry or whatever. or you could get a super long book with a lot of intense vocab and read that. those always made me so sleepy. dont get anything too boring though. well thats my bit, hope you get over your insomnia.

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I know what you mean

I am an absolute failure at this whole falling asleep thing. Apparently the problem is called insomnia. Doesn't particularly go away, but you can get meds to help if it starts to really drain you.

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i feel your pain

whenever i start to like someone, i can't sleep for like a week. but rather than doing anything productive, i just keep tossing and turning and tossing and contemplating the meaning of life. jk. anyway, i haven't found the cure (that doesn't involve drugs) but once i do, you'll be the first to know.