~ Moonlight Escapade ~

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The beauty of the setting sun
Has no words that can describe,
The awesome intense nudity
Of this breathtaking pain I feel inside.

Vulnerable so far away
As rain cascades down my bare skin,
I watch the sunlight fade to dark
As the emptiness is replaced with sin.

Embraces in the light of moon
Shadows of roses in the dusk,
Her body cold and milky white
As she lay upon me her earthy musk.

Deep kisses and caresses shared
Tasting so sweetly of the wine,
Her body warm inside us both
So luscious and sensually divine.

Made to kiss, to taste, to touch
So sweet you take me to the grave,
The tiger grows within my veins
Pulsing with hunger I’ll never sate.

Rolling thunder crashing down
Too intense to let this go,
Ignited passions overflowing
Until we finally begin to slow.

Distant clouds only a memory
Nothing lost but something gained,
Shared passions promise more to come
Awaited destinies we both have stained…

just wrote this hope you guys like it...
poetry tiff


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love it