My Life in General: Movies, Piercings, Pride

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Hey everyone.

So I'm enjoying being summery and not getting much done. The downside of this is that I haven't got much news.

I saw Tipping the Velvet. For those of you who haven't seen it, you should. It's really fun. :)

Pierced my ear again, so I've got two on one side, now. I did it myself, without ice, 'cause I'm that hardcore. Heh heh... Yeah.

As a small attempt at gay pride I made two rainbow bracelets and now wear them, and added a rainbow pin onto my bag/purse thing. :)

There's gonna be a whole week of pride stuff downtown later in the month, but I'm gonna be at that film school program thing the whole time, which is kind of lame. However, if I have to miss it, being in a dormitory with twenty fifteen and sixteen year old girls doesn't seem like the worst place to be detained. :D


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It certainly doesn't ^_^ O

It certainly doesn't ^_^

Ooh, it's always fun to make jewelry. I have a neclace that I made with two 'female' signs intertwined. Hehe, I think my mom saw it today (I was wearing it) but she didn't say anything..

Glad to hear everything's going so well :D

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not at people sa

not at

people say love is blind, then isnt it blind for gender as well?

id walk through hell in a gasoline suite to keep playing softball.