My same sex marriage research paper

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I wrote this for my comp class....It starts out kind of dull but i actually like it for a research paper.... I took off the works's boring, works cited tend to be such....I'm pro but i have to argue their side for a bit.....

Adam and Steve Sitting in a Tree
-First comes love, then comes mar- a domestic partnership agreement

“Once we have abandoned the concept of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, [we] will have no principled basis for rejecting polygamy- or any form of sexual involvement “(George).
What is the definition of marriage? Some will argue that marriage is a union between one man and one woman, whereas others will claim that marriage is just a commitment made between two people as an expression of their faithfulness to one another. Currently marriage in California is defined as between one man and one woman and for much of the population this definition is perfectly acceptable, but for others it is pure discrimination. I believe that marriage in California should be defined as gender neutral, or between two persons, so as to guarantee homosexuals the same protections and opportunities as heterosexuals.
Opposers of same-sex marriage present many rationalizations as to why a constitutional ban should be put into effect. Princeton Law Professor Robert George, author of the above quote, believes that the legalization of same-sex marriage would lead to widespread social corruption and other unspeakable acts.
Many agree with George and go on to cite that the press for the legalization of same-sex marriage is just another objective of the furthering of the homosexual movement. They claim that homosexual relationships are not marriage, as they do not meet the minimum necessary requirement of marriage, as they are not between a man and a woman. Homosexual relationships are also regarded as harmful as they do not provide the same benefits as heterosexual marriages. According to Sr. Pastor Larry McCain, in reference to Assembly Bill 19 as proposed by assembly member Mark Leno, which would define marriage as gender neutral, “AB19 would be something that…would undermine marriage and anything that would undermine marriage would further deteriorate any problems we have in [heterosexual] marriage.


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'Brooke McClure, a youth educ

'Brooke McClure, a youth educator from the local chapter of the Raven Project, an information resource center and safe zone for queer and questioning youth, the legalization of same-sex marriage would help with the reduction of homophobia through its integration into what is considered to be normal, mainstream, society.'
that didnt make any sense, that was the only thing i found that theres some sort of odd thing bout the sentence. you mention her, you describe her, and then you say what she believes, but you nver actually say 'brooke mclure blah blah blah believes blah blah blah' if you read it through you'll see.
i like it. seems like you focus on what people say against it though, more than for it.. you only get to your opinion at the end. but its well-written.

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Yeah, I know, I found out lat

Yeah, I know, I found out later that I didn't have to argue their position for that long, but by then I had already written the majority of the paper and had run out of energy so my position does come across as rather weak. If I wasn't trying to write it as purely a research paper it would have been a lot better I think but....whatever.