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This was one of the pieces I wrote for my school
paper before going off for the summer and I just got
a copy of the paper and its on the one thing everyone
is talking about Labels

Labels it happens to me what about you
By Sylvia

Goth;Brat:Pain:Jock:All-American:Blond:Green eyes:
Some of those listed above make you think negitive and
some might have made you angry. Yet that was the
point I know you have a point to what words make
you think and I know that the first word would
make you want to read more. Labels are something
that everyone these days seems to do. Not just
in the gay community but in every community. They
think it seems to give them idenity with that community
a place to belong. This is a very common idea.
When I talked to a group of teenagers yesterday and
ask who are you I got several answers. Inculding some
used at the top.
Truth is we are humans we change everyday and
labeling isn't very flexibile in this day and age.
You can't just be gay one day, bi the next and straight
on the next day. Labels aren't underwear socks or shoes.
You can't just change them. Most people label something
so that when they see it again they know they
can know what to do. People do this too. If you are
labeled a goth most people are going to avoid you
your friends are the only ones who will talk to you.
What about meeting new people. I remember being the
new girl and no one wanting to talk to me. In
that because they are trying to find out who you are
and labels imply judgement that isn't always right
So before you label or pass judgement talk
before you start thinking. Because we are human when
we first see someone we start making judgement and
to me it seems I never had that. I had to talk to
someone for at least an hour before I could pass
judgement and know I am asking the same of everyone else
don't label someone every and don't pass judgement.