my unanswerable questions on love

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this is my theory on life and why we live it. these are questions i need answered, but cant be.

love. simple and complicated. both intracate and incomplete. both hard and easy. how can one thing be the meaning to everyones exsistence in the world. 4 simple letters put together to become the most untangeable idea known to man. although many claim to touch it, can the depths of this words be truelly grasped and understood. we can love, but can it ever be unconditional? how ia it that it a basic need shared by all like water or food? what makes this one thing so powerful? if it is something that a soul and body can not live without, then why put limits onto it. why stick a label to some love and others none. could this thing ever be perfect. no limitatons, no hurts or pains? and why do people reject it if its a neccessary pieced of life?" why is it that the most undeserving people get it and other dont? is there even poeple that dont deserve it? if only answers could be answered.