New Poems

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You tell me I can flirt then you tell me not to
Make up your mind It's hard switching gears I can't
go as fast as you want me to I'm not use to being
pushed away but do what you want
When its time to go I'll stand off to the side
and I meet her tonight. She's the reason you won't
let me flirt and she's my friend I respect her enought
to step aside
I won't interfer because that's just wrong
I won't ask you to cheat because I'm not like that
I just ask that you treat me like a friend not a
sister cause I CAN'T stand that.

I barely recongize the girl in the mirror
I don't know her anymore She's changed so much
in the last couple of days that I don't know
who she is anymore.
So much has happened to me that I'm to the
point of breaking this is me take it or leave it
I'm not going to be who you want but can I get
my sanity back? Can I get back to who I was
I was so hurt but I can't hate her I want to
hate you and I can but no point in it I mean I love
to put people in pain but I can't not to you two
so I'll change some more