New School!

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So, long time no post. It's been ages. I can now type reasonably fast with the Dvorak keyboard layout, somewhere around 40WPM, and I've got a bunchload of news. My life actually has stuff happening? Wow!

1) Exams
Had exams last week and this week, eight in total. Five year 11 subjects: English, Maths Methods, History, Multimedia and Physics. One year 12 subject that I'm taking to see what it's like, and that's Biology. One subject that I was forced to take, Religion, along with the rest of the year level. And finally, a state complusory one called the GAT(General Achievement Test) that everyone taking a year 12 subject has to do- that one was three hours long while all the others were 90 minutes. I've got a few results back- an A in Physics, an A in Religion and a B+ in English(which was a combination of an A for an essay and a B+ for a creative piece of writing). I think I went pretty well in the others too, so I'm happy enough about those.

2) Birthday
Yus, I am a year older again - I'm 17 now. Right on the first day of exams too, bleh. It was an okay day, nothing special. Got some nice stuff like a fake-fur jacket, some new gold sleeper-earings because my old ones are broken, a paperweight made of glass with pretty patterns inside and a set of good quality paintbrushes for my ceramic pieces.

3) Moved schools!
THe big news! Today was my first day at my new school! I decided to change schools, and yesterday wsa my last day. I said goodbye to a few people, and left. It's.... still a bit... wow. I still can't really believe that it's not just a break or a holiday; I really won't be going back. Just wow. But I've got friends in all the classes I've been to so far, and there's only one left to go to, and there's someone I know in that class too. Dont' know him all that well, but we get along good enough. He's afraid of me, hehe, because I attacked him the first, no, the second time we met. It was hilarious! But yeah, anyway, that's my news, and it's pretty amazing to me. I've never had a huge choice in my life and suddenly - wham! I'm at a new school.
I need to go buy some new stuff, because my new school doesn't have a unifrom like my old one did, and I haven't got a great selection of warm clothes, and it's getting cold around here! It's winter. Currently on the list are long socks, jumpers/jackets, track pants(trackies) and possibly some new tops. So, I get to have fun this weekend - it's a long weekend too!

I better finish this off here, it's getting long also. But yeah... I"m happy, although still nervous. Hehe.



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I wouldn't mind learning dvorak

Unfortunately, typing is my livelihood, so I can't afford the downtime.

Also, I can't very well pop out the keys on my powerbook... so i am just not going to even try =)

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Hey, I'm glad you finally got out of your old school, you didn't sound too happy there. Well done on your exams, I did year 12 Biology when I was in year 11 last year, what a coincidence, lol. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the long weekend too, yay! God save the Queen, jk hehe.


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how fucking retarded is the G

how fucking retarded is the GAT. no one gives a shit about a fucking virtual pet. and you will have to do it again next year again, like i had to di it twice (i units 3 and 4 english and history in year 11)