No Pity very low

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No real point in the title just couldn't think
of anything better to name it. So I am laying in
bed yesterday morning decide rather or not to go
back to sleep or get up. Since right know I am sleeping in the living room
till I can get my bed put back together when
the knock came at the door I had no choice but to
get up and get it. This girl I work with is standing on
my doorstep. I wondered how she knew where I lived
then I relized that she lived in the same building
just floors down. So I asked her to come in and she agreed
She said she wanted to talk to me about TG (This was
the guy who I was kind of dating) I was like great let
me go get dressed in something decent. Since I was
still in boxers and a wifebeater top.So I came back
and she said they where dating. I was not sure
rather to laugh or scream or cry. She said that she wanted
to know what I knew about him. At this point I stopped
she is here for the summer from Virgina and she
is working with are company and then she will be going
back in August or September. But she was everything
I use to be before I decided to go on this self-learning
mission thing. I mean she is pretty 5'7 blond hair
blue eyes wears glass is very outgoing and is nice
to everyone which is one reason I can't hate her
I just simple can't but I wondered why he lied to
me and that hurts more than I thought it would and
seeing them together is something I dont want to
witness anytime soon.
Yet she asked if we could go to the spa and hang out
the rest of the day. I was like sure but I knew
I would subject myself to TG this and TG that So I made
sure in my bag I packed my cellphone should I need
it to ring on an emerancy. I really like this girl
as a friend and I don't want her to get hurt but
everyone is fine with it. I had someone come up to
me this morning and be like "TG is dating K you
o.k. with that is he cheating on you I'll kick
his ass" I was like no he's not cheating, no one needs to
kick anyone's ass and I am not fine with it but I
will get over it. Everyone is treating me with kidgloves
and I hate it because I am not a fragile something
I just want to be treated like I am who I am.
I don't want to be looked at with pity or sympathy
because I don't want any pity