No Sleep

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At 7:00 p.m. as I was getting ready to go to bed because
I was sleepy I get a call on my cell phone from
someone I wasn't expecting to call me. My godson's
mother my best friend Jess calls me and ask me
if I could come see her because she really needs
someone to talk to. So I was like sure I can come
over till 9 but then I have to go to sleep. I have a
dr appointment today so I get there to find the cops
there and my first thought is oh my gosh someone got
hurt. My friend is not my friend she has been beaten
by her husband and then they arrest her and
cart her off to jail because he has marks. This is
a girl who has had my back when we where in school
together and who has been there for me and they won't let me
do anything to help her. They wouldn't let me
have my godsons they gave them back to there fuckin father
and I would love to hurt him about right know I
am so mad.


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Wait, if HE beat HER, how com

Wait, if HE beat HER, how come they didn't arrest him?

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The law where we are states the one who leave
marks is arrested she left marks on his arm where
she dug her nails in fighting him so she got arrested

I tried to help but all I seem to do is hurt
not only her but myself Bonnie Mckee When it all comes down