Off or on depending

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I stood for an hour in the rain last night talking to
a friend of mine from work. The same friend has
said he is single and looking and I am remaining
calm even thought he has hinted that he likes
me and I am not going to give in. Its not that this
guy is hideously ugly or anything cause he's not
he is a good friend and I guess i could probably
like him if I wasn't so damn confused at the moment
I just need time to get back on my feet its like
and airplane waiting for permission to land and I can't
till I've had time away. During the week I am
off the internet will decide what happens to me
If I am going to move if I am going to be o.k. and
what I really want in my life lies in this trip
I will have all the answers when I get back and I
will know what I want hopeful I will figure out what
is going on in my damn life. I am getting four people
stuff when I go on my trip and then I will be
able to know what I want in life and maybe I can
decide what my sexuality is.