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I gave the oral component to my research paper. I'm so glad my english teacher isn't a creepy homophobe and my classmates are used to me enough by now to know not to say anything totally homophobic around me.... The reprot actually went really well which surprised because i'm not really the public speaking type and last time i gave an oral presentation, in my other english class, everyone just stared at me blankly as i attempted to muddle my way through a description of ancient japan....horrible, almost as bad as when my german teacher made us each sing in front of the class in german. I can't sing for shit, let alone in a foreign language.....
But this presentation went remarkably well and will be my last memory of comp 2.
The end of the year draws so near and next year i'm going to be a senior which means i have to figure out the whole 'college application and financial aide' thing really fast or i'm screwed. does anyone know about that ?


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does anyone know about that ?

Uh, yeah. What do you want to know?


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financial aid application, al

financial aid application, all that crap, totally over my head