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My local paper got back to me today about the e-mail I sent them in regards to the Love in action organisation.... Of course since it's not a local issue they apparently don't give a care.... But they said that if it becomes local they will look into it.... Meaning that unless the LIA and GHF people come here for a visit they aren't going to do anything...pathetic.

They'll put up any article involving heterosexuals but try and get a glbtq issue in and you may as well forget it.

Personally, like many thousands of people, I'm outraged. I've taken to serial e-mailing (a very polite e-mail) to the love in action director. I will continue to do so until...well just forever i guess.

I hate human rights violations especially when performed against minors like myself, sick, really sick.

I need to go click send a few dozen more times to meet my quota.