Parents that arnt accepting

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i just wanted to know, what if your parents didnt accept you being gay, or bi?

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i used to get on really well

i used to get on really well with my mum. then i told her im gay and it all changed. theres nothing i can do about it though - i cant change someone elses opinions and i wont change how i feel for her or anyone so i guess this is how its going to stay.

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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I can relate

My Mom isn't supportive but my brothers are. I'm going away to college soon so I'm just gonna be me and not care about what they think. I'm going to tell all of my friends. You can't pick your parents but you can choose to be yourself.

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Mine don't

My parents and my sisters don't accept it. I recently told them earlier this month and they are not cool with it. So I am trying my best to kepp myself together, but slowly I am falling apart.

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My dad doesnt know. There was

My dad doesnt know. There was a joke that my sister was gay, about eight years ago (shes nine years older than I am) and he had a heart attack. Literally. He grew up in the south and was taught that it was wrong, and I know he wont be accepting.

My mother knows but ignores it. Shes accepting of other people, but not me. My older sister does not accept it, but my little sister does. (Which is strange because I always thought it would be the other way around.)

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For the next two months, whil

For the next two months, while I'm stuck here, I'm not supposed to be coming out to anyone else. Not that that has stopped me from coming out to a few others (but not everyone).

But I think they're really starting to accept it. Or get used to it, anyway. Just so long as I don't bring it up again and again.


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My mom doesnt accept or belie

My mom doesnt accept or believe that im transsexual. she said i dont fit the mould. help me!