Parts one and Two

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Who are You Part 1

You got my life all figured out
Who are you taking my place
Where are you from and are you really happy
You've taken my life my friends and my family
lets see how well you handle the pressure, pain and
fame that comes with it
Who are you who is this girl I see her smile and
act so happy but is she really? Who is she and why is
she replacing me? I miss my life and I'm waiting
for her to fail and for me to come back
She's new there's a certain glimmer to that
but soon she won't will my friends come back?
Will my family stop being so cold and will I get my
life back in one peice?

Who are you Part 2
You replaced me before I leave I'll give you a word
of advice It's not as easy as it looks I have problems
and a list of them and you'll see it soon

I take the spotlight no matter where I go
I DEMAND the attention because I can
I have so much PRESSURE, stress and pain
can you live throught it all can you
take on like I have for all my life
on will you send my life down the tubes

My problems outnumber the solutions and
my dark days outshine the good ones Its me
and I know in the end I'll end up hurt because you'll
send it all down.