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The end. It's the end. This whole idea of "school is over for almost three months" still seems to escape me. I'm working on it though. I think that the biggest problem is that I'll be going back to scool next week to paint the music teacher's room. I have no clue why I agreed to do it, as it's sure to be a huge bore, and I need a little bit of summer to sit and do nothing before I actually work, but apparently I'm not getting that. Anyways, my english teacher, Mr. Munhall, wrote this about me for the sendoff:
Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself. Liza Richardson is one of those rare people who comes along quietly, but with the inner potential to rock your world. She is the voice of other, never satisfied with the status quo, always seeking a truer truth, pushing us beyond our assumptions and that which we believe to be normal. She approaches the world as an artist would, searching for beauty in the darkness and returning to tell the story. Whether it's on the margin of her notes or towards the ears of her classmates, Liza's musings push us all deeper into our thinking and take our conversations and thoughts to new levels of meaning. There are moments when I watch Liza watching the world around her and I know I can't begin to imagine the things she is thinking. She sees everything. Each experience becomes fodder for a future painting or potential novel, or pehaps even for her own next stage of personal reinvention. Liza can be, all at once, hardened and gentle, at ease and on edge, cautious and risque. Her ability to be true to herself is both disarming and refreshing. She flourishes in the reality that life is rarely either this or that, but rather more often both this and that, Liza, thoruhg your art, your writing, and your creativity, you hand your heart to a too often ungracious world. Keep yuor heart and mind open, but never let the doubtful unduly challenge your idealism. Your thoughts and actions create your character and become your destiny. Ask questions. Defy assumptions. Create you.

That's all. Right on the money if you ask me. Done now. Over and out. Ciao, bunnies.