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hehe! finally going to rocky horror tomorrow! so incredibly happy! ooo...i went to a party earlier this evening and there was this guy hanging all over me. When I mean hanging, i literally mean he put his arm around my shoulder before he even knew my name andthen he put it around my waist. It really didn't matter to me because whatevs, he's a boy, right? The only problem is, is that he is the new ex of a friend of my, in fact the girl who was throwing the party. Anyway, he's flirting with me, and i'm trying to send him the right sgnals but he was funny and made me laugh. Then he told me he'd like to make out with me, then later he joked that he was gay then i turned to him in all seriousness and told him that i was, too. He looked at me and said, "you're a lesbian, that's cool." and proceeded to ask me questions, including how i cum. i didn't answer that one. Then he told me he'd still make out with me, and asked me to kiss him. I said sure, since he knew that it didn't matter to me in that kinda way, and he pulled away at the last second (i knew he would, boys are cowards). So later when I was leaving he asks me for that kiss i promised him, right in front of my friend! She then said she wanted to talk to me (probably wanted to warn me about something creepy about him...) and i said sure, walked up to him, gave him a hug, and one of those type of chaste-you're-a-friend goodbye kiss on the cheek, which i proceeded to give all of my friends after that to prove to my friend and him that it was a meaningless act. He seemed like a nice guy, a bit creepy like a horny boy at times, but mostly i felt sorry for him. I really didn't mean to give him the wrong messages but as soon as he saw/ met me he tried to familiarize himself with me, not much i could do. sigh...why do guys keep doing that? to top it all off the other friend that i was talking the whole time with, called me a "magnet" and then proceeded to look on quietly at my discomfort. though she did make the point that i was her really good friend, and because of that, nothing else. Which is confusing because she lets me wrestle around with her, flirt, and she gets semi weird when my other friends try teasing me the same way i tease her, except a little more physically. women are confusing. whatever. I won't see her again, probably, for the rest of the summer and then she'll fade from my mind. it'll be great...i think . excuse my horrendous grammar and spelling, i'm tired and don't realy give a damn.


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What horrendous spelling and grammar? Apart from calpitalisation...
*Huggles teh pixies_in_the_underworld*
It's good he was harmless - most likely just thought it was hot. I get that too.
Friends that flirt can be good too. It's just fun. :)

Hope he doesn't get too weird!
Love Milly

I'll always be.... yours fatally....