Secret Celeb Crushes...Gay and Straight

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So, trying to find a lighter note here; who's your celeb crush, gay, straight or both? It can be more than one in both categories. I'll go first.

Angelina Jolie; those lips, those eyes, that voice, that bod! Mmmmm....
Jorja Fox; has the cutest grin in the world! Watch some early episodes of CSI: and you'll see.
Julia Stiles; can beat out Kirsten Dunst anytime.

Straight Crush:
William Petersen; also of CSI: fame. Just has the most adorable smile. I guess it's just the Elektra complex com back to haunt me.

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Gay crushes

My #1 Jessica Alba (blonde especially, got a poster aside my bed )
Scarlett Johansson
Gwen Stefani
Angelina Jolie
Kate Beckinsale
keira Knightley

Straight ones

All my younger years, i'm ashamed, i was a big fan of Aaron carter, but nah nopt anymore.
Got Johnny Depp
Matt Marraccini
huh? Maybe more, but i must not see them often.

Honestly, Jessica Alba at the real top of all.

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Gay celeb crush:Viggo Mortins

Gay celeb crush:Viggo Mortinsson (i have no idea how to spell it lol)
Straight Celeb crush: D'Arcy Wretzky shes awesome!

but no one can keep me from loving Brandon lol

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Dita Von-Teese (Marilyn Manson's finacee)
Angelina Jolie
Scarlet Johansson
Cristina Scabbia (from Lacuna Coil)
Kathleen Hanna
JD Samson (from Le Tigre)
Kaia Wilson (from The Butchies)
Melissa Martlew (also from The Butchies)
Chibi (from The Birthday Massacre)

Ville Valo (HOLY CRAP! I love that man. Sex-a-fuckin-licious)
Davey Havok
Jade Puget
Marilyn Manson
Twiggy Ramirez (Well, not so much now but back in his Manson days he was so CUTE!)
Johnny Depp
Gerard Way
Mikey Way

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Okay, I'm totally excited to

Okay, I'm totally excited to see that someone else put Gerard Way on their list. I have the biggest crush on him!!!! I've seen MCR in concert twice and both times I just wanted to run up on stage and fuck him. Te he. He's so sexy.

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Straight crush: Orlando Blo

Straight crush:
Orlando Bloom

Emma Bunton a.k.a Baby Spice


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IDINA MENZEL!!!!!!! oh my god

IDINA MENZEL!!!!!!! oh my god is that woman gorgeous. I love Hilary Swank, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Garner, Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon too.
Straight crush? hugh jackman. the only one.

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crushes:adriana limajessi

adriana lima
jessica alba
halle berry
natalie portman
scarlett johansson
olivia wilde
nikki reed
angelina jolie
gwen stefani

johnny depp

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Keira Knightley, Katherin Moe

Keira Knightley, Katherin Moennig, hmm...I have a few others but I can't think of them right now...Peace.

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not much for celebs:

the fact that they are celebs is kinda a turn-off to begin with:) lol

Linda Hamilton
Lucy Lu (is that her name? the hot chinese woman in KillBill etc)
Patricia Arquette
Young Elizabeth Taylor (gorgeous, darling!)

That guy who plays Brian in QAF (the sex scenes don't hurt)
Hugh Grant
Owen Wilson
the guy who plays in 28 days later and Red Eye. grrrr.

And no: Angelina Jolie does nothin' for me. Meh.

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she does nothing for me eithe

she does nothing for me either...

"If you think you know what I'm doing wrong well you're gonna have to get in line..." - Ani DiFranco

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His name's Gale Harold. Bria

His name's Gale Harold. Brian, that is. And I think he's one of the most beautiful men on earth and he's on my list too. :)

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the guy in 28 days later and red eye

Cillian Murphy

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I know EVERYONE one who has e

I know EVERYONE one who has ever watched the L word is in love with shane but am i the only one who thinks that leishia hailey (alice) is teh sexy woman every to grace this plant and is beautiful in every sense of the word?
Okies maybe me is getting a littl eover boared but i broung 'all over me' just b/c shes in it (v.tragic?) and she is hot hot hot hot HOT is that too.
Anybody aggre, prehaps not to the extent i feel but still.
Emma xxxxxx

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Yep Alice is hot, as it Jenny

Yep Alice is hot, as it Jenny- espeically with the new hairstyle :D
Still madly crushing on Shane though.

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Dean Cain - the new adventures of superman
Benji Madden - Good Charlotte
Joel Madden - Good Charlotte
Colin Farrel - daredevil
Vin Diesel - the fast and the furious, pitch black, saving private ryan
Ben Affleck - daredevil, dogma, mallrats
Matt Damon - dogma, saving private ryan
Frederic Michalak - french rugby player
Chris Marquette - Joan of arcadia
Joshua Jackson - Dawson's creek, urban legends

Clea DuVal - but i'm a cheerlader, the faculty
Becky Wahlsrom - Joan of arcadia
Amber Tamblyn - Joan of arcadia
Avril Lavigne - Singer
Robin Tunney - the craft, empire records

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Gay Crushes-
David Boreanaz
Gaspard Ulliel (hence the avatar...mmmm)
(and my childhood crush)Johnathan Crombie :D

Amy Acker
Megan Follows
Emma Caulfield

'cause being a pair makes you twice as tall

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Kate Moennig

Signed: call me what you will.

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I think Nicole Richie and Par

I think Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie are absolutely gorgeous.

I also think that Orland Bloom, Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor (moulin rouge and trainspotting)are incredibly hot.

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gay crushes.... definetly An

gay crushes....
definetly Angelina Jolie...Girl Interuppted. etc.
Mariska Hartigay (Law and Order special victims unit) something about a strong woman who protects others from or helps them deal with after affects of sexual assualt just gets me.
Drew Barrymore

Straight crushes
Johnny Depp...

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celeb crushes

mainly Kristen Stewart, soo hot if only she was gay ,, umm evan rachel wood, amanda bines, miriam McDonald, emma watson (harry potter)

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Juila Stiles...hell yes. Uh

Juila Stiles...hell yes.
Uhm, Sandra Bullock and Maura Tierney. Old, i know but... :-/
haha..and ellen too. she's old as well.

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The oldest person I would hav

The oldest person I would have sex with is Isabella Rosselini.

I also like/would do the following people (look them up, they are worth it):

Patricia Charboneau (actress)
Franka Potente (actress)
Foxy Brown (the rapper)
Toni Braxton (singer)
Tweet (singer)
Keira Knightly (duh)
Kate Winslet (duh)
Tegan (singer)
Sara (singer)
Andi Muise (model)
Omahyra Mota (model)
Ciara (my goodies)
Kira Soltanovich (girls behaving badly)
Melissa Howard (girls behaving badly)
Enya (duh)
Tina Majorino (actress from Napoleon Dynamite)

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My third time posting on my o

My third time posting on my own thread. lol. Anyway, I've got some more 'cause I'm a frickin' pop culture nut.

STILL Angelina Jolie (I'm never going to get over this crush.)
Jodie Forster-Older Jodie, saw the trailer for Flight Plan. Mmmm...
Gillian Anderson-Blonde hair, red hair, who gives a fuck?
Blythe Danner-Gwyneth Paltrow's mom.
The lead singer for Sixpen None the Richer, don't know her name but with that short hair, she's just too cute.
Elizabeth Hurley-Saw Bedazzled yesterday, had to turn off the TV before I spontaneously combusted.
Alicia Keys-Two words. Hot. Talented.
Melissa Etheridge-Three words. Talented. Kind. Gorgeous.

John Mayer-Watch him play the guitar and you'll know what I mean.
Clive Owen-Mmmmm....
Brad Pitt-Just a really cool guy. (My sister thought I was mental for liking his platinum blonde look.

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could I forget about Gillian Anderson! She's my fave. And way to go her for becoming one of the most desirable women on television without having to show any skin.

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Aaron Carter!!! (just kiddin

Aaron Carter!!!
(just kidding....)

*For real:
Chris Evans
Eric Balfour
Milo Ventimiglia

They're hotties!

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Benjamin McKenzie.

Adam Brody.

They make me happy inside. Rarrr.


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The surest way to corrupt a y

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think differently. ~ Friedrich nietzsche

Angelina Jolie
Keira knightly
Clea DuVall

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Tom Criuse,Antonio Banderas

Tom Criuse,Antonio Banderas
Cogito Ergo Sum

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Mark Heap.

God, that's an awful surname.

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Kal Penn!

Elijah Wood!

Daniel Radcliffe!

Jeremy Sumpter!


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OMG-No-one's said Scarlette J

OMG-No-one's said Scarlette Johannson (the actress)
She's extremely hot!

Also, I toooootally agree w/ everyone who listed Johnny Depp.

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My celeb crushes...

Straight: Harrison Ford back in the day, Milla Jovovich, Mike Dirnt and the lead singer of Maroon 5.
Gay: Ted Allen and Jai Rodriguez from QEye, Billie-Joe Armstrong, but he's bi so I don't know if it counts :/, I don't know many gay celebs so yeah.

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michael vartan (alias) ryan

michael vartan (alias)
ryan phillipe (cruel intentions)
eddie cahill (csi ny)

if you find mistakes, just keep them

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Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain)
Matthew Fox & Dominic Monaghan (Lost obsession)
George Eads & Eric Szmanda (CSI obsession)
Billy Boyd (have to be loyal to my homeland (Scotland))

Straight Crush:
Martha Stewart (convicts who bake cookies are so hot!)
Its a joke, of course.

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Russel Crowe, and the worst,

Russel Crowe, and the worst, strangest crush ever - Treat Williams


Bear Cubs Unite!

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my 1st post ever!

my 1st post ever! i hope i'm sending ii to the right place
5 of many- i shan't bore you with the whole list. Clichéd but whatever: mischa barton, gemma ward, audrey tatou, kate moennig, alexis bledel.

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wait, when its gay, does that

wait, when its gay, does that mean gay as in girl-on-girl/boy-on-boy crush or gay as in the celebrity themselves is gay/bi? sorry, i'm very dense at the moment.

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Gay if

Gay if they're the same gender as you.

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Clea DuVall, all the way. Wen

Clea DuVall, all the way. Wendy O'Williams wasn't bad back in her day, either

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One more..

Josh Holloway. My god. Even the accent, no,
ESPECIALLY the accent. Can that man get any

Serenity is coming. 30-9-05

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ok b4 i start i have to say i

ok b4 i start i have to say im a full lesbian.....

eliza dusku (faith on btvs)
amber benson (tara on btvs)
erin daniels (the l word)
ellen degeneres
sandra bullock
keira knightley (pirates)
idina mentzel(wicked, rent)
emma watson(hermione, HP)
alyson hannigan(willow on btvs)
kelly clarkson
julie andrews(for senior citizen she's hot and awesome voice)

johnny depp
tim curry
alexis denisof

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im 100% lesbian, so i dnt rea

im 100% lesbian, so i dnt really have a guy who i've got a crush on, but other than that
eliza dusku (faith from buffy. wow!!)
jessica alba. (sin city/ dark angel)

mariska hargitay (law and order svu)
and amanda tapping (stargate)
okay, i know the last two are kind of old, but still way hot!

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natalie portman, kiera knight

natalie portman, kiera knightley, scarlett johanson, brody dalle ( the distillers), angelina jolie, brittany murphy, lucy lu ***

guys- conor oberst only coz hes music is fucking honest

dark but lovely- truth is beautiful, no doubt but so are lies

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Angelina Jolie, Katherine Isa

*Drools* Angelina Jolie, Katherine Isabelle (of Ginger Snaps) Keira Knightley

I don't actually get turned on by them or anything, but if I were to look for a guy, he'd be like them: Johnny Depp, Criss Angel (of Mindfreak), and Ami James (of Miami Ink)

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oh definetly angelina jolie (

oh definetly angelina jolie (as if you all havent already said that)
courtney love (from the 90s courtney, not this new aged, drugged, version)
keira knightly
amy lee (from evanescence, which is also an awesome group)
nicole kidman (w/ an accent, definetly hotter)
janis joplin
julia stiles

and if i have to throw something straight in...
jim morrison (he was just fucking hot, i dont care what you are)

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Janis Joplin... even though that was decades ago...
*forever 27*

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Angelina Jolie - just so gorgeous
Lucy Lawless - those cheekbones and eyebrows...perfect
Tori Amos - one minute shes the worlds most adorable 42 year old woman the next she's giving the most erotic rendition of "Leather" i've ever seen/heard....mhmmm
Karina Lombard - the accent.....i have a thing for accents
Julie Dreyfus - the woman is french for crying out loud
Guinivere Turner - she played Gabby Deveau(sp?) in the L Word....and she's a cute

j x

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