So I'll only be able to use the net on Sunday mornings for an hour

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I feel imprisoned. It's all my fault. Have been flunking out at school so now the phones, the cellphone and the net have been taken from me.

I realised all my problems spring from a lack of self-esteem. I don't believe in myself.

I'm so scared that my relationship with my girlfriend will fail - again, I don't believe in myself. I'm so scared of going away in case I lose her.

I'm too much of a bleeding perfectionist and I'm so afraid of everything. Even being myself, or getting resposible. I swear I couldn't drive because a part of me was too afraid to - I didn't want the resposiblity. But maybe I need to stop holding on so tightly and realise what I want, and stop apologising.


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Bye Oasis!

You were keeping me sane but it's just been a way to waste my time.

Signed: call me what you will.

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what the f... is wrong w ur parents?
sorry babe.

out of my mind... back in 5 minutes.
i'm not afraid of death, i just dont wanna be there when it happens.