"So what's your diagnonsense?"

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Hey everyone. Haven't written in a few days and it felt like time.

It's summer! Yay. I started a new novel!! Yayyy... I've been so freaked out for the last couple weeks. I finished the last one in the fall and it's only now I'm calm enough to start again. Anyway, this'll be my fourth, and so far it's the best yet, so maybe I'll actually let my parents send this one out. :)

Everybody I care about knows I'm gay and everybody's psyched! Woo hoo...

Also, psych eval on Tuesday at 9:00am. I guess I'm kind of looking forward to hearing my diagnonsense. Kind of.

In other news, there is none. :/... That's okay, I guess. But it'd be nice to... I'm not sure, exactly. A change would be nice. Something new for me to focus on. Or someone? Yeah. I don't think that'll be happening in the near future.

I was one of those girls who always had a "boyfriend" in junior high, and even last year to some extent. So I haven't been single for more than a few weeks since... Well, ever. I mean, discounting my childhood. So I should probably try to enjoy it.

Lost and Delirious is such an amazing movie!! Ah! I'd seen it before but watched it again last night and wow... Wow.

Piper Perabo is so gorgeous. :)


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i have to agree with you abou

i have to agree with you about lost and delirious.
..and piper..

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it's always a great feeling t

it's always a great feeling to start writing a new book. :D

I finally told someone that I'm gay. It feels awesome, doesn't it?