Stress and no help for it

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Around one in the morning yesterday they let Jess
out of jail. Yet a restraining order is in place
she can't see her kids or her husband and she had to
go back home only after he and the kids had left
to get clothes. She is asleep on my couch and I
hate that the son of a bitch has done this to her
I am watching her sleep while typing this. Since
she had a nightmare last night. Then to top it off
she just wants her son back. Logan is her's legal and
through birth. He is 10 months and I have a restaining order against
me Her husband doesn't want me near the children
either. He knows if I got knew them I would take them
to there mothers and the world would end because
to him women are to stay at home and never leave
and just have children and never have any friends
very old fashioned and I would love to just kick
his ass for hurting my best friend.