That Dick Got Away With It

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MJ is innocent to the jury but not to me I think he did it and it piss me off to see him get away with it. Just because he has money he is innocent i bet you all 12 jury are all on MJ pay role until they die. I hate the fact that OJ got way with muder all because he has money. Well if we all had money like that than every one will just have to buy there innocents which is bullshit GRRRRRRR what do you think is really innocent or is he 110% gulty


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I'm really not sure if he's g

I'm really not sure if he's guilty or not. I mean the guy is weird, definitely, but can we really be sure enough that he's guilty?


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Re: That Dick Got Away With It

Chances are he did it, but it was not proven beyond a resonsonable doubt. May this teach Mr. Jackson to stop doing the things that make people suspect he is a molestor.

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Alien Nose Boy

I'm with Paladin. He's really frikkin freaky, (I mean, come on! That nose doesn't even look human anymore!) but I dunno if he did it. I do, however, think that after the first accusations, the sleepovers should have stopped.

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hell yeah that creepy guy should be locked away

i haven't really been following the whole trial cuz i just think that he did it. Neverland ranch and sleep overs were proof enough for me. he can just go live in a dark little hole wiht his nose. stupid creepy rich people.

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I think that he is...

5986702536.1234% guilty!!!!!!! THe only reason he wasn't sent to jail is that he's such a big star even though the jury's like no we didn't. ~snort~ Yeah right everytime it's a popular celebrity or star that's on trial then it hardly ever come out fair. If Michael Jackson was a homeless hobo he'd be locked faster than you can say moonwalk. Ahh the most wonderful "justice" in our system. ~sigh~ Well there's nothing that we can do yet. Maybe one day the criminal justice system will be fair.....until then.

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firstly, there is no way anyo

firstly, there is no way anyone here can make a valid statment about his innocence or guilt, because really, all we've seen is whats been on the news and in the newspapers. Secondly, I didnt think OJ (orange juice?) simpson got away with anything. he got off in criminal court, but wasnt civil action taken out against him? (i know nothing about the amreican legal system)