The Best Kind of Accident

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--- New poem about a friend of mine. Ironically, we're not really speaking right now, but I think she deserves the tribute anyway. Here it is... Lemme know what you think. ---

The Best Kind of Accident

The two of us against your carpet have never been so far away while touching.
I say, β€œIt is so quiet I can hear my blood moving.


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I feel you with this one

I can almost taste your emotions with that one, probably because I can relate too well. Hey, keep writing, I'm enjoying the free verse.

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wow that was awesome

I'm singing now because my tear ducts are too tired
and my brain is disconnected but my heart is wired
I make such a good statistic
someone should study me now
somebody's got to be interested in how I feel
just 'cause I'm here
and I'm real~ Ani D.