The Joys of Summer...

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Hi. So not too much has been going on. Lets see... Has anyone seen D.E.B.S.? Really silly (gay) movie. :)

All in all I've been being very antisocial and not doing much other than write, watch Six Feet Under, and read. But I wanted to post something, if only to remined you all that I still can...

Francesca Lia Block's new book comes out on my birthday!

Right. That's all I have.


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(I can never think of what to write here)

Yeah, I havn't been feeling very 'social' lately, either. It seems like all I ever want to do nemore is play my guitar and read. Strange. Welp, this is just another useless comment that had come of my boredom, no real reason for it. lol, later :)

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another random comment :)

I love your avatar! Where'd you get it? And your birthday is almost the same as mine! And--yeah. I'm done now. :)

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your avatar is so beautifal ebony.