The most boring/ditzy journal entry (basically)

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I always write the most useless journal entries. Blah. I have nothing worthwhile to say about how things are out in the real world, so instead I end up talking about how things are in my head. Ha ha. Anyways, this weekend...
Went shopping with my mom. Had Indian food. Watched "Bonjour, Monsoir (don't make fund of me if I spelled it wrong...I'm not taking French 'till next year) Shlomi" It was mucho awsome. Next day: went the antique book fair with my dad. Was fun. Threw a little fris. Went up to my grandparents house to procrastinate about studying for my science exam. Instead of studying I went for a hike, played a little ultamite, and went swimming wearing pants and a tee. Very fun, but uncharacteristic of me. I got about three hours of excerise in one day; usually I don't get any. hmm. Usually I sit in front of my computer for hours, or read. Something is happening. Also: my uncle is really mucho cool. He was told that I was bi by my dad, slipped out in conversation, and he didn't even make a big deal about it. Only difference: when he was asking me stupid joke questions about making out, or if I had a bf or w/e, he would make sure that they were unisex. So all was well, plus, he said that I was really fit at ultamite, and better than my cousin. Yippee.

IN OTHER NEWS: I have recently realized that I have no friends who I can actually stand hanging out with (except Mac, amazingly) for more than two hours at a time without going insane, unless we're playing sports or video games, or cooking, in which case all is well. Only it isn't really, because I can't very well see any of my friends over vacay, if I don't like spending time with them. It would be fatal. I'm going to visit THE CITY this summer, or I was, but I very well may not go if no one wants to go with me. And I obviously can't invite Mac, because my parents (despite the fact that he has zero sex appeal) would never let me go anywhere with him over night. So basically, I'm stuck in NH until I head over to Putney, or go down to Boston with Shireen for a couple of hours. That's all. I'll just have to make some new friends. I did a tarot reading and it told me that I would find the person who I'm looking for soon, and to be hopeful...but I've yet to see proof of that.. (the tarot reading was like a month ago...)

Only one more exam!!!!!!! It's latin. Twill be a breeze. Today I took the science exam, which I undoubtedly bombed. Oh well. Three more days of school (including the exam) and then the send off. Stupid ass send off. At my school every grade gets "sent off" to the next. It's very lame, they make me dress up and sing crappy songs, and it's pointless. Everybody hates it. The first year that I had to do it (eighth grade) I wore grungy jeans and a t-shirt just to piss everyone off, and because I thought that the whole thing was so bogus, but then I had to change because they threatened not to let me continue to the next grade-and they were serious. So I'm having a pissy day. That's all. Seriously...


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I'm not a huge fan of exams right now either. That's the first I've ever heard of a "send off" unless you count graduation.

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Your uncle sounds great, I wish I
had a cool uncle like him.

Latin is interesting. Although I
can't remember any of the actual
language. Learning the history
of it is fun, though.

Also, that send off thing sounds pretty
weird. I've never heard of anything
like that before. Although when I
was transferring to secondary school
(high school?) they introduced a new
thing where we got these certificates saying
we finished primary school. That was as close
to anything like the send-off as I've seen.


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