The Perfect Guy

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I just came back from a lacrosse camp at GT (Georgia Institute of Technology), and I met the perfect guy. When I got to the camp I was hmm hoping to find a gay guy... Well, my roomate wasn't gay, and everyone (that i knew) wasnt. So for a while it was depressing, not including the fact that we played lacrosse 24/7 . I ended up meeting a guy that seemed perfect.

We met while playing lacrosse. He said some really stupid thing, but it made me laugh, and we talked for a long time. We usually skipped some playing time just to talk, and intstead of bunking with my room mate i bunked with him. We stayed up all night just talking, I had like 3 coffees in the morning so I didn't really care how long i stayed up. Everyone didn't like the fact that I hung out with him because he was a couple years younger than me. Well, we became really good friends, and I had wondered the whole time if he was gay or not. Well, one day after lunch he brought up AIDS. I knew this was going to be dirty, but I went right in and insulted him like crazy. He said, "AIDS was started when a gay guy had sex with a gorilla". I have no idea if this was true or not, but I got sooooooo pissed, and I told him why later (I was gay), and he didn't really talk to me much and his room mate hates me. So I'm guessing he's not gay... or he could be scared.

I'm not really mad at him for making that quote, but I do think it was kinda stupid... I can't stop thinking about him. I feel like he is who I shoudl be with. The only thing I know is that he lives on the other side of town... ::sigh:: If you have any suggestions I'm open.

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Oh boy.

This point of a friend/relationship is never easy. You may have to consider letting him go. It's difficult (sometimes painfully so) but in this situation... Well, in this situation most of the other options could make things much worse. It does, of course, vary from person to person, but the main question is: Does he care about you? No romantically, even. You just need to know if he still wants to be your friend. And you need to know if you can live with juwst being friends. If you can't.... You should consider breaking it off altogether. I'm sorry I don't have any happier advice.

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don't really know what to say

don't really know what to say... try just talking with him some more, discuss homosexuality.

Come out, come out wherever you are!