The stupid things we do

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Earlier I was cleaning up my inbox by deleting a whole heap of crappy fwds that my friends feel compelled to send me and I noticed I had a lot of emails from my ex, so I decided to read a few. Big mistake. I know I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight coz I'm going to be thinking about her and all the things she said and did when we were together. All those little things that seemed so special and meant so much at the time but really in reality mean nothing at all. She'd probably take them back if she could because she never really meant them. I have no idea if she actually meant anything she said to me when we were still together and we still talked but I doubt that she did. And that's hard because I meant everything I ever said to her. Every single word, letter and full stop I meant them all.

It wouldn't be so bad if we were at least still friends. At least then it wouldn't have all been for nothing. We were still friends, she really wanted to stay friends so we did but she's made it pretty clear that she doesn't even want that anymore. I really should delete all the emails I have from her, the text messages, the chat logs, her name from my phone and just totally forget about her like she has done to me, she probably doesn't even remember my name anymore. Even if she reads this which I doubt she will, she won't care, it'll just be whateva not my problem and she won't even take a second glance. I can't just forget her though, I don't want to delete her from my life. I really can't make up my mind wether I'm glad that we had what we did(well what I thought we did) or wether I wish I'd never met her...


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Get Gmail and you can keep her e-mails and never see them again.