They say they're going to pray for us

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It's like I'm living in a TBN soap opera. Every day (episode), I hear more outrageous things about people who've been talking behind my back. A group of Lower 6's (one year younger than me) have decided that they're gonna pray for me and my girlfriend so that we're delivered from the evil of homosexuality. At least they're not throwing rocks... Haha... I just find it so amusing but intrusive and offensive too. How dare they think I need "jesus" - they don't know anything about me - I'm fine with my God, thank you very much, especially on the issue of my being gay... If they wanna pray, they can pray about me being a better person.

What next? Am I gonna be rugby tackled and have an exorcism performed on me like in 'Saved'? (very funny movie!)

Ah well...

That girl who kicked us out the closet spent the whole of today with her friends staring at us and then quickly looking away when we noticed. Haha... No lives have they.

In other news... I realised that I'm a lesbian. That meaning that I prefer women: I desire them physically, mentally and emotionally, I love them, I crave them, I only want to consider having romantic relationships with them, but that doesn't mean that I don't like or hate men. No, it just means that I'm more attracted to women, and my attraction to men is only fleeting and horribly physical - horribly, being the operative word. Other people can call me bisexual, but I think I'm a lesbian.

Later lovelies!


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Hey, sorry to hear about thos

Hey, sorry to hear about those praying people :( Yay for the realisation thingy though- that's awesome for you :D

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Don't Panic- Vote Beeblebrox ;-)

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Ash-z I know what you are goi

Ash-z I know what you are going threw. Ok 1st off just last week I went to the movies with some guy friends of mine and I saw a girl i thought was very beautiful anyway i gave her my phone # and the next day i get a phone call from some guy quoting the bible to me and it pissed me off i was nice and listened to what he had to say but after I got off the phone one hour later he calls and calls and calls me and every time i picked up the phone who ever was on the other line hung up. this went on for 3 days then it just stoped for some reason (thank god).

2nd go out and buy a pocket recorder and if you are confronted by any one recored it for eveidnce.

3rd Good for you Im glad you know where your heart truely lies

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