wax hands and why i should marry

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We had this give youth a hand thing at school today where we only had fifteen minute classes and then ran around like a bunch of idiots for the rest of the day (checking out the academic fair and whatnot, my group won ap us history jeopardy!)and there was this wax hand booth, which obvioulsy isn't necessarily the most exciting thing unless you're me and you manage to stand there staring at people making and coloring wax hands for an hour or so.... I was with one of my friends actually so it didn't look all the creepy as he was staring fixatedly too, but i was wondering what would be the best way to make a rainbow wax hand? would you dip it vertically or horizontally? How would the colors turn out in the end if you were trying to get that many on? But most importantly I was trying to figure out why I was so bloody fascinated by the entire process!

I have SAT's saturday which i am not at all looking forward to, i keep thinking that i'll forget and just not show up or that i might not bring any pencils or my photo id....garrrrh!!!!!!

I proposed to one of my friends the other day, i suggested oh so casually that she and i go to spain so that we can enjoy the socialism and the gay marriage....but she didn't seem very enthusiastic... could be because she doesn't speak spanish and i could very well have us legally married without her realizing it, not to mention that she's straight....
I'm not out to most of my friends, only like three actually, but I think that a lot of them suspect that I'm not straight. I have been confronted about my sexuality before and i declined to answer because I don't really think it's anyone elses business so much, so I instead kind of keep everyone guessing and force them into the position of having to like me for me and not for who I engage in a relationship with or who I'm attracted to.
Whatever, anyway wax hands, yeah I really like those..... The free ice cream and live bands were prety neat too.