What are you doing for the summer

8% (4 votes)
39% (20 votes)
Summer school
18% (9 votes)
Nothing just bumming around
35% (18 votes)
Total votes: 51


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Training for my favorite's sport contests all summer long.
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all sorts

of schtuff. I can't devote most of my summer to one ativity, instead I'll do it all!

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Work for me

I've got an alcohol habit to support.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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a lot...

I'm partying, working, and bumming around

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fuck it, its winter here. las

fuck it, its winter here. last week of school this week though, two weeks off..... going to perth!!!


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Working, pot smoking, partyin

Working, pot smoking, partying, working again. And hopefully a little fucking in there somewhere, if I can find the time and a willing participant.

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none of those, i'm at a 2 wee

none of those, i'm at a 2 week Explore-a-College program studying conflicts in the middle east for college credit and having a blast

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Nothing much

Probably just sitting around a lot,
going out with friends to do
useless things; like going to the cinema
or something.

Very boring.

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matters is what we do."

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I'm going to Quebec City for

I'm going to Quebec City for five weeks! I'm uber excited, only 19 days till my flight leaves!