What if somebody walks in?

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Finally the bell rings,
To put an end to the painful hours
Spent pretending to pay attention to the pictograms
On the board- I sprint out of the labs and the first thing
I see is her.
All the insignificant noise and the people it emanates from
Deliquesce into the backdrop-

In a moment of thrill,
She pulls my hand and leads me eagerly to an abandoned classroom

I live for these moments.

Pinning me up against the wall,
My body, held motionless by the push of her pelvis,
She inches closer to me as if to ki…
What was that sound?

For a moment we both stare at the door apprehensively.
What if a teacher walks in?

Once again she pushes me harder against the wall
Drawing even closer to me
Enthralled by her fragrance,
The spell she casts upon me with her alluring gaze
Impels me to lunge forth and ki…
Did you hear those footsteps?

Pensively we simultaneously glance at the door.
Why can’t everyone just go home?

Defiantly I ignore the admonishing voices in my head
As I passionately press my lips against hers,
And dare to let the two teasing tongues intertwine,
And lock to form one burning bond,
Quenching a thirst that once quenched is left even thirstier…
What was..?

In unhindered surrender my eyes slowly shut,
As even the very tips of my freezing fingers begin to thaw
With the touch of her lips, the kiss of her hands…

… its too late if somebody walks in.


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good lord

that is fantastic.just utterly brilliant.

people say love is blind, then isnt it blind for gender as well?

id walk through hell in a gasoline suite to keep playing softball.

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Haha~! You know I'm gonna print this one out... stick it in my diary.

Signed: call me what you will.

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VERY nice. see thats how i wa

VERY nice. see thats how i want to write. :D

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I love that! Awesome stuff, p

I love that! Awesome stuff, pece out -Ollie