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WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! for the love of christ. im not a bad person and im not rude. im nice and easy to talk to and im not that bad looking so why is it that no one gives a shit about me. i know that sometimes i have trouble opening up to people, but even when i do i dont mean shit to them. why is that. is it my fate to be alone my whole life. thats what i feel like. i fall for people who dont care about me. why am i not good enough to people. i pour my heart out and i feel like i dont get anywhere. i feel so lost. its amazing to me how you can talk and talk to someone. feel like you could just sit and listen to them forever. listen to there thoughts and ideas. listen to there dreams and watch them talk to you. but you dont mean anything to them. all i want is someone to talk to and when i thought i found her i feel duped and stupid for telling her so much things about me. can i go and not get hurt. damn it im sooo angry. frustrated and... it doesnt matter anymore. i need some time. im going to get off this computer take some days off and find what im looking for.


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What's wrong with you? ABSOLU

What's wrong with you? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If people don't see how much you have to offer, or how lucky they'd be to have you, it's their loss. Just wait and instead of pursuing someone and stressing over it, let someone who will care about you find you.

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If you want a path through life where you won't get hurt, you also don't get to do anything passionately.

Don't give your power away. Some girl dissed you? who cares. Fuck her. Move on. Someone acting poorly toward you doesn't mean you need to question everything you did leading up to that point. If you were with the right person, you have to assume the same actions would have led to a different result.

But you have to open yourself up to let other people in. Once you do that, they can make you feel amazing or hurt you. There is no way to open yourself up and not possibly get hurt.

The upside is that your ability to get hurt shows the depth to which you let people in. So, ultimately, it's a good thing.

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holy crap, im a little late o

holy crap, im a little late on the commenting but damn i feel the same exact way you do. I feel like all the girls I fall for could give a shit less about me and it hurts alot bc I fall so easily for them. Also, the fact that your second sentence was "for the love of christ" made the entry even better because I definatly say that all the time lol. Sweeeeet times.

They say it fades if you let it. Love was made to forget it.

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hell yes!!! i say that a lot

hell yes!!! i say that a lot to. damn, i thought i was the onyl one. at least soeone knows how i feel

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. ~Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, A.D. 524

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Me Too

i feel axactly the same!!!!!!!!!