Where do you live?

3% (1 vote)
Asia (including the Middle East)
3% (1 vote)
Australia or New Zealand
7% (2 votes)
7% (2 votes)
Continental Europe
3% (1 vote)
3% (1 vote)
The UK
10% (3 votes)
USA: Northeast (Pennsylvania and everything to the northeast of it
10% (3 votes)
USA: South (Texas; everything east of Texas and South of Pennsylvania)
21% (6 votes)
USA: West (Colorado and west of it)
3% (1 vote)
USA: Midwest (everything else)
28% (8 votes)
Somewhere else (please comment)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 29


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Forgot Latin America. Sorry.

Forgot Latin America. Sorry. I haven't come across anyone here who would fit in it anyway, so if you're from there, put yourself in "Somewhere else".


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I'm from Ireland. The land of beer.


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matters is what we do."

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woo for illinois!!! we're so, plaaaain...

"You only hold me up like this cuz, you dont know who i really am..."

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Missouri...land of the boring and homophobic....

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