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i love power , i love to look into my lovers eyes as i have full
control over him. looking deep into his eyes while i
take him all the way down my throat. nice and slow ,
i love the power i have over people.
i love riding him and making him cum inside of me after a long night
of hardcore fucking and sucking.
i love sucking his cock , i love sucking cock until the
nice warm hot tasty cum explodes all into my mouth then i spit
it back up onto him and then suck it back in.
yummy.... i love it.

i love when i am boxing and i give the opponent "wanting"
eyes of desire,only to anger and provoke him even more.
i love being beaten , i love beating on him.
i love to beat someone to a pulp and making them hurt
really bad. i love hurting people , i love the power.
i love to bleed and taste my blood.

i wanna get on my knees and suck him off right then and there.

i fucking hate bitches, they are soo easy.
i don't even have to say anything and these stupid
cunts are all over me like white on rice,
like black on black. if i wasn't soo afraid of them
long enough to just be myself and not such an arrogant
asshole around them , maybe i might find one that i might like..
it's highly unlikely.
i like making bitches want me and desire me , only for the
purpose of hurting them in the process.
they like it. they like being hurt. they like being
mistreated and teased. i hate all woman like i hate my
mother.old hag bitch never loved me ..not enough.

i'd love nothing more then to become a drifter and
inpregnate as many dumb bitches as i could-
so i will live forever through my children.
i want to be a father to 300 of my bastard children...
future generations of lost angry youth.

i want to fall asleep with my face inside a pussy.

i am a fucking maniac
nothing is better then 12 year old tits and pussy
make my steaks medium RAW and extra bloody
i love my 16 year old boy toy and his lil 16 year old dick
that fits soo perfectly in my mouth
when he squirts it taste like candy
nothing feels better then beating up someone to a pulp
in the ring
when i launch it just right and there is enough traction
i have had a good day and hit a record time
i wanna scream at the tops of my lungs
you lied to me
you fucking lied to me


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You've gone from being gay, to apparently being confused, to apparently being somewhat "straight", to apparently being bisexual. And now, with this post, it sounds like you have pedophilic tendencies. Or did I read into it wrong?


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wow really observative...i

wow really observative...
i am impressed. no really...
anyone that knows how to read and navigate a web page
most likely has the same opinion of me.
16 is leagal in my state.
what can i say? damn i need to drink
less. i tend to ramble.
on and on about nothing at all, i feel sorry for my
< ahem! > friends for putting up with such abuse/bizzare

i am just talking shit am i am sure alot you
have the same kind of thoughts, i just happen to
looooovvvvveeeeeeee expressing it the way that i do
even though most if not all really do not appretiate it
and would feel better if i just stopped.
too bad , don't read my fucking posts.
no just kidding..


you forgot homicidal tendencies , violent, egotistical,
arrogant , domineering ,power hungry and
abusing sex for maniplutive purposes...

the confusion and the anger comes with the territory
one can only think soo clearly in a haze of an
alcohal induced psychosis

happy day
happy day
i need a blow job

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Is twelve legal in your state then?


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it is if you don't get caught

it is if you don't get caught

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I think

Being angry like you sound in this post is what draws people to you and what draws them away. No one will ever see you or understand you the way you should be seen until you see that for youself and show it to the world.

Speak roughly to your little boy, and beat him when he sneezes: he only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases. -Lewis Carroll, a man with little sense, and much imagination