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Alrighty, who's going to welcome me? I finally got up the bravery to write in a jurnal. Might help, might not. We'll see. First to get off my chest.. I'm one of those lesbians who figured what their sexuality was at an early age, and at an even earlier age found out that it "wasn't right" I dunno 'bout me... I guess I'm just easy to talk to or to like 'er.. something. I've constantly been told that these bi girls have huge crushes on me. And they do, it shows. But my problem is, they either have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or they give my the cold shoulder, or turn around and give tell the next person they see they love them too. It's kinda confusing on my part.. Ah well I just but it behind me. Or ignore it.. or.. something... ... ... Any way.. out for now I guess. Thanks for listening who ever you are!

-The Megan


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Because that's what yer supposed to do for new people : )
Ummm...hope you like it here. Best place to spew all the trash that comes out of life.

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Hi, I'm Daisy. I hope you like it here. :)

"You so easily remember the times I was Eurydice, when the ward's locked door slid closed between us. Do not forget I have also been Orpheus, on my knees in the boat, asking all the devils for your face in the trees."

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I'm [one of] the argumentative, know-it-all, annoying ones. lol. But I'm really friendly.

Am, bisexual/lesbian, and hopelessly 'married' to my girlfriend who also posts here too- Oh yeah, and I'm the really boring one that constantly mentions her girlfriend/being in love with her girlfriend/having sex with her girlfriend in journal entries and posts.

Nice to meet ya! Oasis is addictive and it's the best get-it-off-your-chest site there is!

Signed: call me what you will.

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i'll be one of those to welcome you here....welcome! and a piece of advice from me, dont be afraid to post here. the people on oasis have some great things to say (most of the time), so just write anything you like.

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hey welcome to oasis, im ashl

hey welcome to oasis, im ashley. i knew i was a lesbian from a young age also. gosh its been a long time. like everyone else said, this is a great place to vent exspeially about shitty things that happen to you during the day. and as for the bi girls thing; i know what you mean. happens to a lot of us, except i get a lot of bi curious girls who want to fool around and drop you. im not that kinda person. anyway, i hope you keep visiting this site. keep writing. drop me a line if you need something. hope to talk to you soon

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