Yeah well

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They confiscated my cellphone.


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What, your parents?

I'm sorry. :(

"You so easily remember the times I was Eurydice, when the ward's locked door slid closed between us. Do not forget I have also been Orpheus, on my knees in the boat, asking all the devils for your face in the trees."

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its ok babe ull get it back ;)

out of my mind... back in 5 minutes.
i'm not afraid of death, i just dont wanna be there when it happens.

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You're right I am acting like a child

So I took her phone this morning, and duh she was hella mad. Put it on silent and hid it in the house. I just need my phone back but I know she won't give it back now coz of what I did. Anyway, I'm still not sorry, coz she stole my phone. She could have done it in such a nice, grown-up way, but she snuck into my room when I was at school and took my phone. What underhandedness! Someone needs a revision course in parenting skilss.

Anyway, they're perfectly right, I need to work hard at school and I haven't been. Need to try harder and I will. But I'm through talking to them.

She said something: blah blah blah as long as you live in this house i will make sure you DO WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU. Get it? She's just like them - the school, all those christian bigots who want me to fit the mould (spell?). Anyway, it's for my own good, but it'll kill me.

Am trying so hard to avoid the institution. To fight the insane state of being normal and average - of being a normal thing like a lawyer. I think I shall just be a writer. I have to get away from these EXPECTATIONS pushing down on me.

I'm not a shoe. I'm not a shoe. I'm not a shoe. It's just that everyone keeps on telling me i am one, but what if i want to be a hat or a bag? - Rachel on Friends. I'm not a shoe.

But I'll give them one thing - I gotta grow up and be responsible.

Signed: call me what you will.

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i hate when parents do that.

i hate when parents do that. err. try to get your own cell phone line so they cant touch it. :-P
good luck