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I was sitting at work during my break and I was sitting
with some friends of mine and we where eating when
a college friend of mine walks up to us. He ask
if it is o.k. to sit down. I was like sure. I moved over one of the
guys who works with me to sit on the other side of
the booth. Well this guy pulled me to sit in his
lap I am not really comfortable with my liking just
whoever seems to be attrative to me and I am not
comfortable around guys who like me or even my friends
anymore. I'm skittish around guys and I know why its the
thing that I never thought I could like a guy
so I surronded myself with them and know that I
had a crush on the guy and know being around
guys who seem to think I am cute and they like
me it is werid and makes me really worried to the
point that I make myself sick.
I also don't agree with sitting in his lap
my college friend gave me this look and I gave him the
look back pretty much telling him I am not out to
the people I work with and not to say one damn
word about the lap thing because I didn't ask for it.
Anyways he said he had tickets to a concert I had
been dying to see and he wanted to drop them off in
person. I am happy about the concert.
Also in the last days I have managed to almost
wreak my car, kill myself, and get a cellphone. Pretty
good when I am not really in school. The car and the
killing myself go together. I was coming home from
work and the new apartment is in the middle of no
where literally and I came around a corner and
found deer and to keep from hitting them I sweaved
and just about wreaked the car cause I lost control
and just about killed myself. I got a brand new
cell phone the other night with a new number so
know I am reachable everywhere fun.


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Some people have no boundarie

Some people have no boundaries. It's like, hey, that would be my butt!

Come out, come out wherever you are!