A letter I may or may not send

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This is a story I may or may not give to my parents as a way to come out.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I’m not exactly sure what to say or how to write this letter because this is one of the most difficult things for me to say. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. I just need you know, so I can be myself instead of hiding (which believe it or not, I am). If you’re wondering why I’m not myself and why I’m hiding, the answer is stereotypes. You guys, dad especially, are great at stereotyping everything and if I’d act like myself, you guys would stereotype me, because I do fit a certain stereotype, and figure out something about me before I was ready to tell you. But I think I’m ready now so I’m going to do my best to say this. I just have two more requests before I start: 1. Please read this entire letter before you react/respond in any way, shape, or form and 2. Remember, I’m the same person I was before I told you this, except that I’m not hiding a huge secret from you anymore.
I’ll try to start from the beginning. When I was in second grade, I saw on TV two men whom were united with a civil union in Vermont because they could not marry. I remember thinking, “Why didn’t they just get married? Don’t guys get married all the time?


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Your letter is well-written,

Your letter is well-written, but I've always thought coming out face to face is better. I don't know you. But for me, coming out by straight out (no pun intended) telling them was a the best way to face my demons. I needed to know that I would have the courage to tell anyone anything about myself, and since I know that there was nothing scarier than telling my parents that I'm gay, it makes it a lot easier to come out to others (friends, etc.)

Good luck

Kannst du Deutsch (sprechen)?


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Ja, ich spreche deutsch. Es ist sehr leicht. And Thanks

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This is a good letter. If you

This is a good letter. If you feel comfortable coming out this way then it is an ok way to do it.

"I choose to be myself no matter what the world says I should be."