a lil about me

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Im 15 years old, and I am so in love. His name is Mickey. Hes 18. My parents hate him. Ive gotten arrested over him before. I am no longer allowed to see him, and it breaks my heart. I love him. Im going to have his baby. Ive already talked to a lawyer about getting emancipated, and he says I have a good case. I work 2 jobs. I work at a Goodwill store 4 days a week, and I wash cars 2 days a week. Mickey works at Lowe's and occasionally delivers pizzas for his aunt who owns a restaraunt. I will be a sophmore in high school the upcoming school year.

I love to write out my feelings instead of talk about them. Its always been easier for me to write. I live with my mother and i love it here. alot. i used to live with my fater in illinois