a moment of randomness

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Now I’m going to live life in the way that it has never been lived before,
the world is one huge stage and I am the protagonist,
I will give the audience what they want and need, uncensored entertainment-
I will perform and shout out in the grand ostentation that befits such a podium.

a lot of people will criticise me and bicker about trivial mistakes made on stage
when in reality a lot of the same people only wish they could be me, have my role…
whereas at the same time, the bloody cowards fear such liability and power-

I don’t know what to say to people, my audience is a tough one,
though sometimes I feel guilty, most of the time I don’t,
because firstly if I don’t enjoy myself, them my audience subsequently won’t -
and some sections of the crowd still think I neglect my art my life, that I take it for a joke
but I insist… this is final piece, my only piece, performed uniquely by me, myself and I – of course I take my life seriously, how dare you tell me otherwise.

how can you not love the way I perform, the way I glide so comfortably on stage,
The way the words follow each other and form rhythmic prose and poetry,
The soliloquies and the melodramatic action scenes?
My performance is every actor’s dream, I am the prototype.
I told you all that I am the one- the lead- the centre of the plot
do not analyse and undermine the meaning of a pièce d’art you do not comprehend.
there is nothing you can do so long as I am here on stage, to stop my production,
since you can’t beat me, join me, and be a part of the background,
or you can play the flute or something, and add some music to the performance-
I will perform so tirelessly that ultimately you will start hoping that I stop or pause so you can catch your breath…

What you don’t know is that I feed on people like you, the things you say only give me hunger pangs…
Don’t tempt me.