@All of YOU!

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Yes, every single one you drive me absolutely nuts, worry about your movies, and your bickering back and fourth about the stupidist things! Get a life, and make something of it, dont sit their and argue, you need to make a difference, give some advice the people here who need it, Oasismag wasnt created for people to have arguements, its was made for as a place for GLBT people/teens to come and enjoy themselves, and I for one am not enjoying myself why all you people your little fights and arguements. Their are people here who could use your help, so stop fighting, and make a difference in someones life, or it could be death for them.

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Life is about movies, bickering, arguments, support, enjoyment, and everything else. And this site has a lot more harmony than anything else out there, based on the fact that it has more diversity at the same time. But toss a bunch of strangers in a virtual room, and there will always be some friction. I think the site definitely tilts far more to the positive on the whole, though.

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Jeff you arent helping my cau

Jeff you arent helping my cause

"Does the Walker choose the Path, or does the Path choose the Walker?"

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Well, that's kind of the point.

The site isn't here to be everything you want, or I want, or anyone else wants. It is really out of our control (aside from keeping it basher-free and not a sex hook-up place, which has somehow been relatively easy and self-policing).

My initial thought was that this would end up being a site mainly catering to young gay writers, or people who wanted to be writers. Nearly ten years down the line, ends up it's mainly just been random people who need to sort themselves out online for a while and then get on with their lives.

So, as my advice goes with so many things on here, you can either argue for what you want things to be (straight friends to be gay, coming out to be easy, parents to be understanding, etc.), or learn how to deal with things as they actually are. Of course, were that the case, most of the problems in the world would disappear, too.

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I just think we can do withou

I just think we can do without hte bickering, my 2cents
"Does the Walker choose the Path, or does the Path choose the Walker?"

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Where's the hate?

Hey, we're people. Every so often, we have a bad day, and we are rubbed the wrong way online. so we fight. but that is normal human interaction. The reason we are here under anonymous names is so that we can say whatever we want, without fear of consequences. But there is no real HATE, just arguements. Like, for instance, in my family, I get in all types of tizzies with my father and brothers, and even my mom sometimes. But, in the end, I still love them all, even if from time to time I am uber pissed at them. We learn through fights, we learn where others stand, and that is vital for this activism which you feel is so necessary for us all to participate in. And if all these actually human interactions is so bothersome to you, you don't really have to read it, or deal with it. Just ignore it, and if that is an impossibility, just don't come here, if it will save your sanity. I don't mean to be harsh, but if you act all dictator like, no one will come here, because we want to be un-oprresed, and your "peacekeeper" attitude really cramps people's ability to speak freely. We have a constitutional right to freedom of speech, and that includes bickering. We're here, we're queer, and we have personalities, so get used to it. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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no, YOU shutup..... haha.


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i understand where you are coming from, but when i checked my inbox today i had an e-mail from someone who had read my latest post and it made me feel like maybe i was right to say something about what was going on, no matter how scared i was.

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fuck you. its my godam life a

fuck you. its my godam life and screw it up how ever the hell i want. if i want to bikker and akt my shoe size (121/2) then i will, but dont try to tell me wt the fuck i should do with me skrew up life!

lov ya realy to, ime just nakerd and felt like arguing

she holds the pen that spells the end

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Have you ever thought some people visit Oasis to relax from their stressful lives of helping others. I visit here to relax becauseI do more than most people twice my age. I founded my local GLBT youth group, I teach suicide prevention to 8th graders, I am organizing a local rally for the Campaign to End AIDS, plus I am a core member of a local youth advocacy group. And this is in the Middle of fucking Wyoming so I am also out in the wilderness with friends trying to prevent intrusive plant species from getting a larger foothold in the prarie. So dont tell people to "Make a difference in other peoples life" they may come here after a longday of doing precisely that.