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My friend did acid.

He's very lucky that I'm not there to kick his ass.

I'm very anti alcohol and drugs (bad experiences involving family)which my friend knows, hence why I didn't hear it from him, but rather from our other good friend who thinks it's just fantastic.

and my dear friend AL who though it would be fun to try acid should know better, what with the whole situation that he went through with one of his parentals about a year and a half ago.

I know it's his life, but that doesn't make me any less pissed that he would go and do something so stupid! I expect and tolerate that kind of behaviour from C, but not from him, he has too much damn potential.

If he didn't have his stupid msn status set to busy I would bitch him out.

When did I become the stable one in our relationship? Sophomore year he was about the only thing that kept my head above water, my sanity and voice of reason, and then I suddenly became that for him this past year, having to be all optimistic to keep him from doing anything stupid, and yet here he is, doing acid, ah lovely.

Sorry, just found out and am very distressed by this, I just hope all of his mental faculties are still in order and that I get to talk to him soon.


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That's part of the point of f

That's part of the point of friends-- to stablize each other. Drugs are bad, I agree. Good luck!

Love one another--God Love yourselves, too, everyone!