As times

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I make new friends as the days go on and I am going
to hate leaving them when and if I get this new
job. I would like to just do the group thing but it
takes to much out of me. Meaning it is emotionally
for me to do it all the time. I feel like if
I did it all the time I would be giving a piece of
me away Yet I love the fans and they are the greatest
thing to happen because without them I wouldn't
even have gotten this far. I am grateful for them.
The band doesn't pay the bills I remember pulling 10 to 20
acts a night and getting paid almost nothing. At
least we are getting paid a little better and
it doesn't pay the bills yet. When it does I will
quit all other jobs and focus on the band. All the
guys also have jobs too so Its nice to know.
But the company I am with right know I can't stay
I am not moving up in pay and I don't feel like being
There it is pissing me off and Right know I am
working in a job with no air. I am a waitress in
a business where they should have air. We all feel
like we are standing outside working. And we are
just here. Plus I lost D last night he is only going
to be working two days of the week plus on days
when it rains because he got a job on constuction
My new girl in my life is the best thing right know
she is keeping me on the ground.