Back To School

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I didn't know it was going to cost my first born
child to go back to school. It is almost 400 for books
and a 1918 to pay for class money that I am just
suppose to go shake my money tree for. Well My money
tree is dead.
I relieased that everything going on is what
everyone faces at one time or another the issue
of coming out, money, are shakey love lives, friends, family
or the people we think of as are family, and the beliefs
of are lives. What we each go throught at some point in are
lives and the way we deal with each one. Like if you
where on a sinking ship with people you knew who would
you save if you could only save yourself and one other
person. My answer to that is simple I wouldn't I would
stay with everyone. I guess I am just thinking
about stuff and finally writing out what I think
I am forever trying to hide my emotions and when one
of the guys sat with me yesterday at work and
talked to me since I had been pretty much left alone
and was happy that way it was still nice to talk
to someone and know he wants to know what I think
of what is happening to me and how I knew I was bi
and he just wanted to talk about whatever he could
for are 30 mintue break and it was nice to talk to
One of the girls I work with she still talks to
me also and when we where rolling silverware last
night we where talking about one of the waiters
who was smelling the steaksauce on the table to
see if it was still good. I told him if he wanted
to snort something I had sidewalk chalk in my car
and we got so tickled that we where laughing and couldn't
stop and it felt so good to laugh. I liked to
talk to the people I worked with but since the people
at work are avoiding me all but two of them who
work with me won't talk to me. and they are telling
the new ones that they need to stay away from me.
I don't care I just wish people would stop
being so high school we are adults who have lives
and it needs to stop being such a big deal.


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Damn it seems like you are going through a rough time in your
life right now. If you ever need to talk Im here for you.


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I tried to help but all I seem to do is hurt
not only her but myself Bonnie Mckee When it all comes down