Been AWOL for a while now...

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So I'm back. Tomorrow I head out for a three week writing program. Will bring all my pride gear. Will come out. Most likely have a great time. Meh. Nothing to say. My life is a blank slate (I lie, plenty of interesting schtuff, just nothing important)...This is my update. Excitement all around. Read the modt interesting novel on the history of philosophy. Can't bring my computer to camp, updates will be limited or nonexistent, but big and juicy upon my return. See y'all later. I'm picking up my reserved copy of HP6 today. Excitemundo. Woot woot. I'm turning into an owl. Goddess save me. I am losing myself again, got to start looking, I knew that the calm was too good to last. Ah, well, what can be done. Things change, life flows on. Ciao, my fellow Oatians, until a later date.


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Welcome Back!!

Wow, how ironic, I just returned to oasismag too! It's great to be back is it not? :)

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Most definetly

such a friendly home away from home : )

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