Big Mistake...

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OK, so I have a crush. I had the crush resurface after approximately 6 months of non crushing (I'm not kidding - I didn't think about her in any other way apart from friendship!).

But no, I am re-crushing on her. And I think she knows it. We were messing around today - we were pretending to rip our hearts out and present them to each other. It was hilarious.

Then I made a theory - that every body has definate platonic friends, who they'd never dream of dating, and then non platonic friends - you don't really have a crush on them, but if they asked you, then you probably could do. Or that you have a minor crush. Like I do.

She is my non platonic friend. I told her the theory, and she agrees. But I think I acted really stupid. I made excuses to touch her, I kissed on the cheek (when I don't usually kiss her) and generally acted like I fancied her. It was bad, I think. I don't know if she knows but I don't want her to.


She's so straight.


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I agree with your theory

I think it's true that everyone has friends they'd like to be intimate with, then there's friends you just like to be around. As for the way you flirted with your least you're letting her know. You never know how someone may react to your feelings after being exposed, so don't worry if you screw up, it may actually work out.

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" damn She's so straight"

you don't know how many times ive said that about someone and then the next day i say damn shes so gay and then the whole week im confused because i don't know what the hell they are lol, but yeah atleast you experiemented and found out her reaction to things even though you were just playing around maybe theres somethin there you should find out and if u want too u can tell her.

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