Bring it

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I stood around talking to some people at work about
my band Well I also have a new girlfriend. She came to work
that night and as I was walking away from her table
she grabbed my wrist and asked if she could kiss me
before she left. I said come find me when you get ready to leave
I told forgot she was still there and she comes up to me and
wraps her arms around my waist. I turn and hug her but tell her
not to kiss me at the moment. She understands whats
going on unlike the last girl I was dating and that
these guys don't know I am not straight and I don't want
them to know yet. I am not sure how they will react
and when she left a couple of them where like
"is she a friend?" "a little more than a friend?"
"What was the deal with that" I let them talk and
let them come to their own ideas because I am tried
of the crap and the hiding and what they came to is
their own deal not mine I am pretty much ready to
say I like guys and girls and it doesnt matter
who they are just so long as they treat me right
I just want love in this life and thats what we
are looking for and if they have a problem with
who I pick they can fuck off.


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Sounds like...

You're the one with the problem with them knowing, not them.

You have a gf, you get some pda action, co-workers inquire, you don't clear it up for them besides being "pretty much ready," and then say if they have a problem "they can fuck off." Maybe I'm missing the transition at the end, but sounds like you're the defensive one here.